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1. N.Sharma, G. Diaz, and E. Leal-Quiros, "Electrolyte film evaporation under the effect of

    externally applied electric field," (Submitted in) International Journal of Heat and     

    Mass Transfer, March 2011.         


2. G. Diaz, E. Leal-Quiros, R.A. Smith, J. Elliott, and D. Unruh, "Syngas generation from organic

    waste with plasma steam reforming," (Accepted in) Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2011.       


3. E. Leal-Quiros, and C. Villafane, "An Assessment of Power Generated with Plasma Processing

   of Sludge from Wastewater  Treatment Plants," (Accepted in) IEEE Transactions on Plasma

   Science, Vol 36 No 6, pg 1622-1627, December 2007.


4. E. Leal-Quiros, " Plasma Processing of Municipal Solid Waste,"(Accepted in)

    Brazilian Journal of Physics, Vol 34, No.4B, December 2004.






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