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Inventory of Experiment Samples

by arobles5 last modified 2011-08-24 12:08

These are the different types of biomass being experimented with:



Compressed Wood Chips



Compressed Wood Chips donated by Great Spaces USA.



Dry Pomace




Dry Pomace donated by E.&J. Gallo Winery.







Fine Grain Particleboard & Medium Denisty Fiberboard donated by Great Spaces USA.



Almond Hulls



Almond Hulls donated by Northern California Farm Credit.


Hard Wood Shavings


Hardwood Shavings donated by Great Spaces USA.



Peach Pits


Peach Pits donated by Del Monte.


Particle Board and MDFB



Particleboard and Medium Density Fiberboard donated by Great Spaces USA.


Almond Shells




Pistachio Shells donated by Buchanan Hollow Nut Company.



Almond Hulls



Sand donated by...






Almond Hulls donated by... Swanson Farms.

Grounded Coffee




Coffee Grounds donated by Fresno Community Hospital Physician Lounge.


Almond Butter



Almond Butter donated by Swanson Hulling.








If you would like to donate waste material, or have your waste material tested,

please contact us!  For contact information please [click here].




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